Library visit with the kiddos

The car doors swung open, kids unbuckled from their car seats and jumped out of the car… Raced towards the library double glass doors. We were there to pick up new books for the week.

We picked up 11 books this week, my two smaller children were both to pick five, but of course Gracie the five year old snuck another one in and I didn’t notice till check out… Sneaky girl!

The kids also bring home a book everyday from school so that brings our total to 21 books this week we will read.

There will soon be a reading competition going on to celebrate Dr Seuss… So as winners that we are… We will start amping up our reading here soon.

My kids young and older are all fantastic, above average at reading and we have so much fun spending time together reading all these awesome books we pick up.

I love libraries, we are able to get well over 100$ of books to read for free…

My biggest problem… We are already through 7 of the 11 books.. And we still have four more days to go… May need another quick trip in a couple more days.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
George R.R. Martin








A new year deserves good food!

Many have set their New Years resolution to get healthy. I am constantly trying healthy eating… Try to limit processed food, for sure no Trans Fats… Lots of veggies, organic just about everything and wine 😉

Portobello Mushroom Pizza is one of my favorite go to low fat/low calorie meal.

I usually use organic marinara, green peppers, banana peppers, weight watcher cheese, and a thin slice of salami, bake for 10 min then… Yummmmmo!


Weight Loss… Fasting and Making it!!! 😋

Since starting this new way of eating (5:2) I have lost 13 lbs!!! Wohoooo! (1 month).

I fast two days a week and pretty much eat clean the other five but I don’t restrict myself if I want some goodies such as wine, or a meal out once or twice a week and the lbs are falling off.

I encourage you to watch this documentary… It has changed how I eat…
You won’t be disappointed!

Then read this… And it will change the way you think about food, the commercialism in it and you will be on a path of weight loss success today!

I will start at the gym today to help those little fat monsters off me even quicker. Weights here I come.

The 5:2 allows 500 calories a day while fasting, however I choose to not eat anything. To help me get through this, I usually make my own broths to drink throughout the day and I don’t ever feel pangs of hunger, rather very content.

Throw in a bunch of veggies in water and some seasoning and let simmer for a few hours… Strain and drink or store for another fast day.

Throw in some organic chicken/beef bones if you want to as well. There has been some studies that show that bone broth is very healthy for your body!

The advantages of bone broth are amazing to me… Heals the lining in your stomach, helps alleviate joint pain, hair, skin and nails benefit from the collagen.

Read up!!! And then run and make some!



Losing weight has never been so easy!😊

If you are struggling with your weight… Then you need to watch this documentary!

This has changed my life! I’m already down 13 lbs in three weeks….and I can eat whatever I want!!! No more stupid diets… No more restrictions.

I’ve decided to quit listening to everyone telling me that I need to eat every 3-4 hours to kick start my metabolism. There is more and more scientific evidence that states that’s just a bunch of hooey!

Then spend a bit of time and read this..

i have conditioned my body to want food at the normal times of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I “feel” hungry… But I don’t actually need to eat.

So today is beer and wings… And I am not worried. Tomorrow is fasting, and the weight keeps coming off!

Traveling in Germany

Living in Europe presents itself as a treasure that one will forever cherish.

When we have the opportunity to take a quick day trip it’s easy to find a memory a few hours away. Some of our favorite places to visit are old churches. It’s amazing to see the craftsmanship of centuries past and touch the walls where someone laid the stones, the attention to detail. You just can’t find this in the States as plentiful as you will in Europe.

We visited St Jakobs in Rothenburg, Germany…..a small church in comparison to some we’ve visited but so very beautiful and makes your jaw drop!

This particular church was finished in 1322. The stained glass is 56′ high and was installed from 1350 to about 1400… It’s amazing these beauties have been in place for so many centuries and are of such quality.

The chancel pews are from 1514.. You can see the original wood floors in the picture.

The wood carvings are meticulous and are from many masters spanning different years centuries ago depicting scenes described in the bible.

So very blessed to experience.

Enjoy the tour.












A door is a door… To somewhere

Ever since I can remember I have always loved doors. In my past I have adored antique doors in old homes and store shops.

Germany has offered up so many unique and old doors… On churches, houses, store fronts, castles.

On every trip even ten minutes down the road I have been known to stop the car and snap a picture to remember… I know I’m kinda crazy :0) … Sue me.

I often wonder who has walked in and out of these doors… The families, the history I can only leave to my imagination.

These beauties are from our day trip to Rothenburg Germany… A small town surrounded by walls that were used to protect the city during wars.. Most notably the 30 year war. You can walk the wall that is about 1.5 miles and amazing to experience where people from different centuries have walked before.












Rochefort 8 Trappistes

Like a fine wine that is hard to get or very expensive from another country, this blog is dedicated to Rochefort Trappistes 8, from of course… Belgium.

It’s to be sipped and enjoyed at room temperature. It’s very flavorful, with tingly mouthfeels! There is a taste of cocoa, fruit, a little pepper and enough hops to be subtle while sipping.

Beer Advocate rates this at 96%. I would say that is a solid rating for this beer. Not quite 100% but darn close!

While easier to get than the coveted Westvleteren 12’s… It’s still takes a drive over the Belgium border to get a case at a decent price. Every beer run to the Abby we get a case of the Rochefort 8’s.

My hope is that when we return to the US we have a decent amount of these and others to have a nice collection for special occasions.